Inner Happiness, something we all dream of. We often ask ourselves, is inner happiness achievable? We usually see it as having enough to live on, enough to travel the world, a big house, a big car, a nice attractive partner, lots and lots and lots of material things! Wrong! This is not happiness, these are all self-serving pleasures and have scientifically proven limited amount of happiness associated with any of those things. True happiness is different and in this video, Dr. Amit Sood briefly discusses the REAL things that will bring true happiness into your life and you won’t believe just how simple it is!

Inner Happiness Video – 4.23 min long

Is Inner Happiness Achievable? Yes If You Become More Grateful And Compassionate

From as long as humanity has been able to write, there are key ideas that come up for living a good life. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Jewish, it doesn’t matter. They all teach you to become more grateful, compassionate, loving and caring. Being consciously aware of acting in these ways can improve your sense of mental wellbeing. The stories in the religious text are not just about the word of god, these are books that teach us how to be good human beings. As religion becomes less important to modern society these key messages are starting to be lost. It could be said that due to our changing society, beliefs and nature could be one cause of the epidemic of mental distress.

is inner happiness achievable

We Can Become Happier If We Work On Changing Our Perceptions

Obviously, to become more compassionate and grateful we need to practice change. Changing how we perceive the world. How we look at others and instead of judging, offering empathy and understanding. We must also choose to be compassionate to ourselves, not just others.

As the saying goes, charity begins at home, and this is so very true in this regard. I would always recommend someone seek the help of a therapist or teacher. Someone who practices compassion and gratitude every single day. It is impossible to give compassion and gratitude to others when you, yourself require it.

Start with yourself. Look into our list of therapies that describe the various therapies available and what they are. Choose one that resonates with you. Compassion and gratitude is the heartbeat of mindfulness so is one I recommend to begin your journey.

Is Inner happiness achievable, I think its clear to see, with the right therapy, the right strategies in place, it is. Start your journey to contentment today, Seek A Therapy.

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