“Whatever comes out of these gates we have a better chance of survival if we work together. If we stay together we survive”

A poetic scene from Gladiator about working together with others that are in similar circumstances to your own. By talking to someone who has empathy for your situation can make survival a little easier.

The Colosseum of Mental Health

For the founder, the Colosseum represents your ultimate fears and negativity and having to confront them each day stepping inside your own arena, with no choice either way, having to wake up and facing the challenges of a new day full of things you are fearful of or you have to challenge because they are making you feel depressed.

By working as a team to help one another, those who come from a place of experience, rather than just science and theory, can help you survive our personal Colosseums and make you realise that you are not alone in your fight.

Reason for Battle of Mind

It is for this reason that Battle of Mind was launched and I hope that it can become a place to share their strategies and techniques and a resource to help you on your own road to recovery.

We recently launched a guest blog feature with the ability to becoming an official contributor as talking about your problem and your strategies used can be theraputic, but there are also plans to launch an e-commerce store that will be selling useful resources, books, cds and more that can help in finding peace from your mental health challenges of which the majority of earnings will be used to fund further promotion of the site so more people can find it and benefit from the information within.

There are yet more plans for BoM but I will release details further into the future.

I hope you can become a part of this community and see it grow stronger and larger as each day passes.

If we stay together, we survive!

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