Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest men of the 20th century who came from a poor background, faced persecution, helped many when he could and a huge belief in himself and maintained his self-belief died last week and the world mourned.

He truly was an inspiration to all of us, white, black, man, woman of how all of us, regardless of our current starting point, should live and how all of us should see ourselves.

We are ALL the greatest, we ALL have a talent and passion and life should be about trying to make time to follow that passion. Whether we make it is a big and successful as Muhammad Ali or not is down to our own thoughts and beliefs on the matter and even if we don’t make it , even when we have tried so hard, at least we can be proud in the fact we have NEVER given up trying to achieve the top levels of our skills and enhance our ability to have good life experiences.

Let us all aim to be ‘the greatest’ version of ourselves we can be.


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