Sometimes, it can feel like everyone is a lot happier than you. Some days you just feel down in the dumps and you start to feel nothing can really help you shift your mood. Very often, we feel this way when suffering or recovering from depression. In this article we discuss three ideas on how to make yourself more happy than you were at the start of the day. With a little practice, determination, and possibly some guidance. some of these things can help.

Our 4 Tips On How To Make Yourself More Happy

1. Observe the good and be appreciative

We all do it, there is a tendency to get caught up in the things that go wrong in life (you can see in our previous blog post about emotions the founder was a victim of it himself! We can feel like we’re living under our own private rain cloud. Not only this, but we can often take the good things and people in our lives for granted.

As a result, we often overlook so much goodness in our lives . A kind gesture from a stranger, or the fact we have a warm bed to wake up in. We frequently miss opportunities for small glimmers of happiness and connection in life.

By beginning to us the power of being grateful you can improve your happiness levels.

Simply, each day, list three positive things that have happened in your day – and considering what caused them. As you do this, you will tune into the sources of goodness in your life.

It’s a habit that can change your emotional response to situations, replacing feelings of disappointment or entitlement with those of gratitude.

Scientists say  those who practice regular gratitude experience higher levels of happiness. We wrote a whole blog about the importance of gratitude and you can read it here if you like.

2. Best Possible Self

Sometimes our goals in life can be elusive and when they go wrong then we can really hit a downward spiral!

Your optimism slowly declines as more and more hopes turn out to be closed doors. Research suggests that maintaining a dream like mindset full of optimism about the future can motivate people to work toward that desired goal. This drive can make it more likely to become a reality ( a bit like how Seek A Therapy got started! ).

To undertake this drive you will need to do the following task.

Create a vision board. We want you to write down, cut out pictures and envision your ‘best’ possible life. Once you create this vision,  put it somewhere u can see every single day.

Having a vision can give you drive and motivation to try and make the best possible life situation come into reality.

By doing this, you’ll not only increase your creativity but also happiness in the present moment. Building and paving the way for sustained happiness down the line.

Sometimes happiness is not the arriving at the destination but at the journey of getting there.

3. Positive Events

This suggestion is a no brainer and doesn’t take rocket science to work out…do more of the things that make us happy!

When life gets busy, or our mind becomes cluttered we forget to do those activities we find enjoyable. Intentionally scheduling a variety of enjoyable activities into the day can help overcome this barrier to happiness.

This exercise prompts you to engage in a variety of activities associated with happiness and reflect on how they make you feel.

Different kinds of activities bring different kinds of satisfaction, and different levels for different people, all of which contribute uniquely to happiness.

Research suggests that varying your activities and providing novelty in your daily activities is an important component of happiness.

So trying a number of different activities , or experiencing new things. Some ideas are maybe trying to use a potter’s wheel or going to a new city you’ve never been before can prevent you from getting so used to any one enjoyable activity that it ceases to bring you pleasure. Or possibly even use things like groupon or airbnb for local ideas of activities to try.

4. Exercise

Increasing your exercise levels is well known to release endorphins and happiness. You can go the gym or simply go for a walk, but choosing to incorporate just a small bit o extra exercise daily will impact your happiness. It is one tip we can almost guarantee on how to make yourself more happy.

How To Make Yourself More Happy

how to make yourself more happy

So in conclusion, we can all do small things to improve our feelings of happiness. Try to write down 10 things that you would like to experience before the end of the year then make time to make them happen. Have a variety of small things and big things from things like going the park a bit more for a walk to going to a gig or visiting a new city/country. What would you love to do if you could do it tomorrow? Please comment below.

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