From time to time we all suffer from a bout of low self-esteem . We wonder what we can do to make ourselves feel better and think differently about ourselves. In this article we discuss five tips to improve self-esteem.

Ways On How To Improve Your Self-esteem

1.How To Improve Your Self-Esteem? Make A List Of Your Positive Traits!

This will be tough if you are already suffering from low self-esteem or depression but it is possible.

You may not believe it but we ALL have positive traits, skills and talents.

I would suggest writing the numbers 1 to 10 down the side of a piece of paper. Once done, start to write what ‘you believe’ you are good at or something you like about yourself.

It is okay if  you don’t complete the ten. Many find it hard to complimen t themselves at first. Don’t be hard on yourself ( I know too well that you do this when low self-esteem is a problem) instead, ask a family member or friend what they think you are good at.

It may be a skill or it may be a personality trait! BOTH are relevant!

Some people are extremely skilled at painting, for instance, but not very kind or good with people.

Someone else, however, may be a master of communication. Another, a great comic and playful but terrible at organising and mathematics.

It is important to identify your strengths and focus on them rather than your weaknesses and shortcomings.

When you have 10 traits of positivity from your own self keep this piece of paper with you at all times. Remind yourself ‘you are good enough and have a lot to offer the world’.

2. Practice Your Passion And Strive To Master It

man making art, mastering his craft. How to improve your self esteem? Master a skill.

The Seek A Therapy founder’s passion is anything to do with creativity and helping people.

He love art, web design, architecture, graphic design, and music.

What is your passion?

Try and remember a time that you really really enjoyed yourself, it does exist.

Just take a look in your memories and you’ll find it! Now, what was it? Is it playing sport? Is it music? Is it just simply being with other people?

Whatever it is this is your ‘passion’ and you should do what you can to be more involved with it.

It will make your life more enjoyable and boost your positive vibes. It will give you confidence as you begin to become a master of what it is you love! Once you are a master you can even turn it into a profession.

Even now , people are playing video games for a living! Something that was incomprehensible a decade ago.

 Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Confucius

3. Don’t Let Other People Disrespect Or Lower Your Worth

There are times when, for whatever reason, others around you like to put you down.

It is often the case that people that do this have their own insecurities about their lives. Belittling others gives themselves a bit of a boost to think that ‘they are better’.

It removes the stress from their own lives by taking attention away from their inner monologue and onto someone else.  Sometimes, that other person can see something great within you and so try their best to keep you down and stop advancing. They don’t want to see you do better than them and will do what they can to stop you advancing your life further. As Albert Einstein once mentioned

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

When people start to disrespect you or lower your sense of worth then it is time to walk away. Respect yourself enough by standing up for yourself and not allowing anyone to lower your worth. Those people don’t deserve your time, energy or talents.

Stand Up For Yourself & Your Self-worth

4. How To Improve Your Self-Esteem? Don’t Beat Yourself Up About Mistakes! Learn From Them

We are human, not robots, we all make mistakes so STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP! SERIOUSLY!

If we never made mistakes we would never ever improve our life or the lives of others.

Why would we change anything if nothing was ever wrong? We wouldn’t, we would still be living in caves doing paintings on the wall and hunting wild deer…not much of an existence ay.

It could be said that people with low self-esteem tend to beat themselves up a lot. They also tend to be perfectionists and loyal people that always want to do the best for those they work with and for. It is important to realise that not everyone will expect you to get things right first time all the time. Most people realise that it is almost impossible to do this! So stop beating yourself up.

Learn from the mistakes and then let them go. You don’t deserve to be hurting yourself every single day!

You are worth more than you know! Keep focusing on your positives. Learn from the mistakes and then let them go 🙂

5. Don’t Constantly Sacrifice Your Happiness For Others

A biggy! How often do you talk to yourself like this : –

‘I can make this person happy! If I do this thing they want they will be happy. I don’t really want to do it but at least they will be happy’?

I bet more often than not, right?

You care about the other person so deeply, you want them to please them. You want them to experience the best possible life. But, what about your life?

Are you experiencing the best possible life too or are you constantly sacrificing your happiness? Life is too short to be sacrificing ALL the time.

Stop this. When you realise that you are doing this, start to think what do you want to be happy as well.

It is okay to occasionally sacrifice what you want for others. But if you are doing it again and again you will only become low. It can be one cause of a low self-esteem and end up having regrets.

Don’t always sacrifice your happiness for others. Balance your sacrifices for your loved ones with what you want to be happy as well.

How To Improve Your Self-esteem

Building up your self-esteem can take time. Practice will help you improve, and sometimes, getting a helping hand.

A life coach is often able to help you look at life differently. Set goals of what you would like to achieve in life, identify necessary change required and help set goals. They can give you motivation to keep going when you struggle to push yourself and need to beleive in yourself.

We have several life coaches on Seek A Therapy directory that have many years of experience. These specialists may be able to work with you to change your way of thinking.

If you do try to build your self-esteem yourself, always try your best to see the positives in yourself. Do this daily! Keep the list with you at all times incase you need reminding. Follow your passion whenever possible. And fundamentally, never let anyone convince you to lower your worth.

You are amazing!

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