Christmas can be a wonderful time of year for many of us. But Christmas can also be a time of deep reflection as the year draws to a close and we take time out of our working lives. Some of us don’t enjoy Christmas as much, all for different reasons. In this article, we share how to get through the Christmas period in 10 positive ways. Christmas needn’t be a time of difficulty and sadness in reflection.

1. Set Goals For The New Year

Goal Setting

Christmas can be a time for reflection. A time we look at what we have achieved in the year gone and feel happy. We also tend to look at what we don’t have yet and desire. Reflection is good because it helps us to look at our lives and set goals for the coming year. Although it can be unpleasant, particularly if your year was particularly tough it is necessary. When you see things you didn’t like about the year has gone or where you currently are, this allows you to set goals!

Ideas For Goals To Help You Figure Out How To Get Through The Christmas Period

Some ideas for goals in the new year could include joining a gym if you are feeling unfit. This is something John, the founder of Seek A Therapy did on the boxing day of 2018. Maybe you want to learn a new skill or get a job you truly enjoy. or do you want to start running your own business? Was your relationship fulfilling? If not, could you improve this relationship or is it a time to reassess that part of your life? If single, what is it you want from a partner? Maybe joining dating sites and put yourself out there to meet new people. Whatever you’d like your life to have more of considering the things you want to improve and set goals for the new year and beyond ( don’t make it a new year’s resolution though! ).

2. Volunteer To Help Others

If goal setting isn’t your thing then consider offering your time to others in need. There are many ways you can volunteer. Helping the homeless, the aged or even animals. There are many ways to volunteer your time at Christmas. Take a look at Do It volunteer website, just enter your postcode and volunteer opportunities in your area will return.

3. How To Get Through The Christmas Period? Download Meetup App & Reach Out To Others

how to get through the christmas period

Sometimes we can feel lonely at Christmas and think how to get through the Christmas period but there are solutions to this. There are many apps and technologies that can help you connect with like minds. One of these is called Meetup. It is an app that allows you to find events in your area where groups of people meet up that are also looking to make new friends. For more information please visit this link to discover meetup app.

4. Reflect On The Past Only To Help Build A Great New Year

As previously mentioned, reflect on the past only to help you build a great future. A little bit like the story of Scrooge we all tend to reflect on the past, then look at our present moment and consider where our future is going to take us in the year ahead. How we look into every moment and think about it is important. Attempt to look at your situation in a constructive way in order to build a better life for yourself moving forward.

5. Relax & Set Time On Things You Enjoy

Christmas is a time where business slows down for most companies. It is a time to set time aside to do things you love doing. If you are a person who loves art but you never find the time, do some drawing! If you like to sing or play a musical instrument, spend time doing that! Enjoy a good book? Go to the book shop and get one and set time aside to enjoy it. Whatever it is you love to do in life, spend time doing it!

6. Meditate

how to stop feeling lonely. Start meditating

We can all sometimes feel overwhelmed by our emotions at times as we spend time on our own reflecting on times gone. To stop feeling so overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings meditation is a fantastic tool to still and balance the mind and the heart. To discover some meditation apps please visit this link or possibly visit the meetup app and see if there is a local meditation class you could attend. Alternatively, if you already know how to meditate, go outside and take in deep breaths of fresh air and take some time to bring calm into your life.

7. How To Get Through The Christmas Period? Start The Gym Before The Rush

If you are sitting at home feeling like you wish you were healthier in body and mind there’s an easy solution. Join the gym. In 2018, boxing day actually, John the founder of Seek A Therapy joined the gym and now is a regular gym-goer. He goes 3 to 4 times a week and feels fantastic every time he has been. For many, anxiety and feeling bad on yourself can stop you from attending such a positive place. You can visit this article to see how you can overcome your anxieties about being in a gym. By starting before January you will unlikely give up as it won’t be a new year’s resolution but a lifestyle choice.

8. Don’t Compare Your Life, Build Yours

We all have a tendency to compare lives with one another. What does your neighbor have that you don’t? What do you wish for more of? You admire that strong relationship or possibly someone who travels a lot? Or maybe you like the positive outlook someone has on life? Or maybe you look at someone’s wealth and think you want the same level of comfort. Don’t look at what you don’t have! Keep in mind at some point it is likely those people didn’t always have those things. Instead of comparing your life with others recognize there is something you want in your own life. How do you bring that about? This leads me back to the importance of setting goals.

9. Watch Your Favourite Movies & Listen To Uplifting Music

Can laughter help overcome depression. This old man laughing thinks so

Listening to positive music or films not related to Christmas can boost your feelings of happiness. Positive music is known to release endorphins and why, if you are feeling the Christmas blues you should seek out your favorite music or movies, particularly if its a comedy! Keeping yourself positive throughout the festive period is very beneficial to your wellbeing.

10. Seek The Help & Support Of A Therapist

Lastly, if you are struggling to cope over Christmas don’t hesitate to contact a therapist or charity. There is no shame in needing the helping hand of a caring professional. Many therapists have been in similar situations and would help you to get through this difficult time.

How To Get Through The Christmas Period

If Christmas is challenging for you you must find a way to distract yourself from your feelings. I hope some of these suggestions help you find some solace and make this time of year a bit easier for you. If you have ideas on how to get through the Christmas period please comment below.


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