ave you ever had such difficulties in life that you thought you need to discover a way on how to change your perspective? When everything ‘appears’ to be going wrong we need to take a step back. It can be hard to shift difficult feelings and depression can unfold inside us but how big are our problems really?  This video of the universe may make you think differently about your challenges. It may make us realize that nothing is as huge a problem as we first think, no matter what it is. Everything can be solved. Problems do not have power over us as long as we deal with them. Even the most powerful people on the planet are actually really small when you put things into perspective. Enjoy this video of the size of our planet and our place within the vast space we call home. It may give you a sense of peace to know your problem is unidentifiable to the universe at large. How big is your problem really?

How To Change Your Perspective? Take A Flight

When the founder of Seek A Therapy was going through his own challenges he took a flight. A flight from the UK to Colombia, completely alone to meet a friend who came from the country. The seat he chose was next to a window and it was just as well because of the effect looking at the view had.

How to change your perspective

As the airplane took off from the ground and he looked down he watched the cars become smaller and smaller, like toy cars and the trees becoming more like broccoli than the tall woodlands that they are to us on earth. Passing over beautiful oceans and mountainous ranges, being above the clouds it gave a sense of wonder to life again.

It is at this point that his problems lost their power over him. His perspective began to change and the wonder of the world we live in began to become a newfound perspective. If you can, try to take time out of your life’s issues and fly somewhere beautiful.

Need help changing your perspective?

Then don’t hesitate to speak to a therapist. Sometimes speaking to someone about your problems that are not involved in your issues can help. Seek a therapist in our database and see if there is a local therapist that could help you to consistently change perspective and build resilience here.


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  1. Nick Stokes

    As they say, everybody sees his problems as biggest. It is all about perspective. Same goes with most things that are causing stress to us.