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1. Create An Account

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Creating an account with Seek a Therapy couldn’t be easier, small form to fill in, with outstanding customer service ensures the process of registering your therapy or service is secure and easy. You’ll be connecting with a growing worldwide audience with a short signup form all for FREE.


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2. Your own Therapy Web Page

Seek A TherapyYou are given a complete web page with a description, opening hours, a map of your location, cover photo, an optional gallery, and video in order for potential clients to see the services and environment that you provide as a therapist.

Also on this page is the potential for past clients to review your service to help put others’ minds at ease when contacting you about your service.


3. Get More Interest In Your Place. But why are we doing it for free?peaceful mind therapy how seek a therapy works

Seek A Therapy was set up with the fundamental aim of helping as many people find peace of mind through finding treatment that works best for them whether traditional, complementary, or alternative medicines. Each person’s case is unique, why they fell ill, and also what they believe will help them through their healing process.

By keeping listings free there is no financial risk to therapists to register their services on Seek a Therapy and has the potential to reach more people that need help as our audience for our social channels and blog are people who are interested in improving their mental and emotional health. If you would like to be a part of this growing community that TRULY cares about the welfare of others then please click the button below.

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The benefits of a page at Seek a Therapy

  • Reach a large, growing audience.
  • (Coming soon and optional) Take bookings via directory for a small fee.
  • Personalized & unique page.
  • Add your own wellbeing events.
  • Share Articles and write your own as part of the membership.
  • Add your products to the wellbeing shop for a small commission.
  • SEO Features allow you to be found easier.
  • Allow clients to find you easier through googles own API maps.
  • Include gallery images.
  • Include a video.
  • Let your clients review your service to help others trust your service.
  • Discounted Marketing Services from Seek A Therapy Design (including responsive web design and basic seo packages).
  • Excellent Customer Support from Seek A Therapy.

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