Many of us don’t realise some of the things we say to people who are suffering with moderate to severe depression doesn’t help and can make the very real life threating condition worse. In this video from Hope for depression Research foundation they clearly show how we sometimes treat people who are dealing with depression in the wrong way.


Learn to be compassionate, kind, patient and knowledgable

We all have done it, we can talk the wrong way due to frustration or something else that is bothering us in our daily lives, but if we became more aware of how we speak to someone who identifies themselves as depressed we can change the way we respond. The power of compassion, understanding, offering help so they know it’s there (but not being hurt or frustrated or hurt when it may be declined) or researching different things that can help your depressed friend or family member are all things that can start to help a depressed person’s situation.

It is a battle of mind but with the right army there will be peace

I was fortunate, my mother had trained as a holistic therapist for many years when she didn’t get the help when she had thyroid problems. The doctors told her it was cancer but … discovered it was simply just an under-active thyroid and how she got into complementary therapies and is now a reiki master, reflexologist, Indian head masseuse and more. Not everyone has this opportunity and we are reaching out to therapists around the world to try and create a platform that helps you understand how various treatments can help and find ones that are close to you.

Don’t suffer alone

If you don’t have the support you need please contact your GP, the charity mind or the samaritans. There is always many many options for people who will and want to support you, you are not a burden, you are just a little ill right now…this too shall pass and for those supporting the depressed just shower them with kindness and compassion, be the strength that they need but don’t neglect your needs…you also need to look after your health.

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