Helping Clients Get Out Of Their Mind And Attuned With Their Bodies

The one thing that every counsellor, healer or therapist see’s every day is chronic stress.

Clients who live in a constant state of chaos, fear and pain. Physical, mental and emotional pain in all disguises.

We will often see the clients who want a quick fix or a miracle cure or the client so desperate they will try everything and anything. But the big problem is most don’t really want to look at the cause unless they have got to crisis point.

I started studying holistic wellbeing 25 years ago after very chronic and serious health challenges from 19 left me mostly house and bedbound very young for approx 7 years. I quickly learned the medical professional didn’t know how to help and weren’t really interested. Despite starting with reiki and going on to study in many disciplines over the next 25 years.

No matter how much I learned as a counsellor, healer, therapist or coach. From my own experience, That clients need to take back their own power, take responsibility for their own life no matter what life deals you.

The one thing that every type of therapist can do is encourage our clients to take that self-responsibility and remind ourselves we are not the healer but the supporter, the teacher, the guider… We have to help the client recognise what is causing their pain, their dis-ease, their anxiety, their chronic stress.

We have to gently remind them to STOP and why they need to relax when you educate someone why they should do something and what tends to happen when they don’t. You change their perception. I have taught stress management, meditation and relaxation to clients for 17 years and coaches and therapists for the last 5 years. And what students recognise time and time again, when they and their clients really understand the stress response and the relaxation response. They look at anxiety, stress and their life a lot different.

Most people don’t want to admit their stressed out or anxious and need to see a stress counsellor, stress coach or psychotherapist. But when they understand why their mind, body and emotions feel out of control. There anxiety and stress levels start to reduce.

  1. Educating Your Clients Why They Are Anxious Or Stressed- is a big part of helping your clients to STOP and switch off. They no longer look at relaxation as something alien. But that natural state of being that is supposed to be part of our daily routine

  2.  Encouraging Your Client To Meditate- is one of the most powerful ways you can give them back the power. Most of my students are surprised at how many types of breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques there is. And more are even more surprised how some types of meditation and relaxation should be avoided on clients suffering from PTSD, recent grief or serious mental health issues. 

  3. Encourage Your Clients To STOP – throughout the day highlight the importance of taking breaks, not missing meals and how it is important to switch off mentally and physically.

  4. Encourage your client to RELAX – really relax, encourage them to use relaxation techniques or become a relaxation therapist and boost your expertise and skills and teach your clients how to meditate and relax.

But the biggest advantage I see over the last 20 years in the holistic industry is how easier it is to get access to so many great courses to support clients. Although I certainly am not an advocate for fast-track training in courses that should be taught over a few years. There is so much more variety and highly professional courses out there. That can help raise your expertise to another level, so you are more than a therapist. A teacher, mentor an empowerer.

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