I bet when you saw the title you thought how the hell can depression be GOOD??! I know, at the very time you are at your lowest point nothing is good. Nothing that has been , nothing that is to come and nothing that is in your present moment, the world is grim but I am writing this blog post to tell you that depression HAS a good side. Want to know what is good about it then please read on.

Sense of accomplishment

When things eventually start to improve your sense of accomplishment, even in the smallest things, can really be heightened and make you feel incredibly proud of yourself. Having been in the darkest pit possible you managed to climb out and those glimmers of light that do enter your life as you begin to improve really give you a sense of accomplishment.

No longer the same person


No matter what happens in your future you can no longer go back to the old you. You have experienced darkness and when you survive the depression you take lessons from your experiences and become a new, wiser and more compassionate you.

Become a stronger , no messing person

eagle symbol of strength

When depression’s power over your mind becomes less powerful you realize what you have had to overcome was not easy, in fact many people may have totally crumbled under the same circumstance. Realizing this you start to see yourself as someone who CAN overcome any obstacle that enters your life.

No longer willing to accept situations

When you’ve been through difficult life experiences there comes a point when you get a little angry it finally drives you forward to stop accepting situations that you don’t want in your life. You’ve spotted warning signs from what you have experienced in your past and won’t allow it to happen again and you also don’t settle for anything less than you know you are worth whether a new relationship, a job situation or the way you are treated by others.

More willing to take risks and take difficult decisions


Lastly, once you have got through a depressive episode and maybe been close to considering ending it all you realize why let anything or anyone bother you? You survived your darkest time when you were considering ending it all and so you realize you want to live and experience life to the full. When the founder of BoM was recovering from his severe depression and at clinical high risk of suicide he took the decision to travel to Colombia alone to see whether he wanted to start a new life in South America. On return his family convinced him to apply for jobs anywhere in the UK and ended up working in London and meeting his TIbetan wife, travelled to 5 countries in 3 years , recently went scuba diving and continues to challenge himself and take risks to really experience life to the fullest he possibly can.

Compassionate and empathetic to suffering

Lastly, but no means least, as you have suffered so long you know you don’t want anyone else to feel the way you do. When you see others suffering in any sense you want to try and stop it or help them know things can get better and that you know how it feels to feel so low. Sometimes, the only way to be truly empathetic to others is to have actually experienced great suffering, disappointments or hurts. When you heal from depression you become an even more compassionate person to others.

So what is the good thing about depression?

So as you can see ladies and gents, eventually, the good thing about depression become evident to you, severe depression DOES change you and the way you perceive the world around you. I myself still get feelings of depression, the heavy heart tends to follow me about but I have learned to manage and keep it under control and actually use the depressive feelings as a way to drive myself forward and continuing to become a positive and more rounded and skilled individual whilst also trying to help others do the same through this new website as I strongly believe EVERYONE deserves to be happy and be able to live the life they want if they work hard enough.

Have you noticed any good things come from your depression yet? Please comment below

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