It’s a catch22 situation, you’ve got anxiety but you have been told exercise is fantastic to alleviate stress, anxiety, and release natural endorphins. It is well known that once you get in a routine, going to the gym regularly can be great therapy for the mind and body. In this blog post, we share 8 top tips to help you going The Gym When You Suffer From Anxiety and begin to make it a routine.

8 Top Tips To Help You Start Going The Gym When You Suffer From Anxiety

1.Going The Gym When You Suffer From Anxiety, Suss Your Gym Choice Out

Going the gym for the first time can be daunting and with so many brands out there it can be difficult to know which gym to go to. I found it easy to start going to the gym to the one that I passed most days. I could see it had a very big window, it had adequate equipment, it never looked that busy and had good parking. After several journeys of driving past I then looked at their website for more detailed information and to see what the gym offered.

2. Get An Induction With A Personal Trainer

Once you are happy with your gym see if it offers a gym induction with a personal trainer. The personal trainer will be friendly and will show you around the gym and what different equipment there is. They may show you how to use some of the equipment as well so you have a rough idea of how to use it correctly. By having someone who works at the gym show you around can ease tension and also have a friendly recognisable face in a new environment.

3. Set Down Some Goals

Ok, so next you need to ask why do you want to go to the gym? Is it to get back into shape? Is it to release natural endorphins? Whatever your reason, ensure that you keep your goals clearly in your mind. I found that improving my levels on the cross trainer and keeping an eye on calories helped set goals. By improving my strength and calories burned each time I visited it helped build a sense of accomplishment. Also, why not throw in new equipment and new routines to help provide goals.

Gym Headphones

4. Take Your Favourite Music & Headphones

Taking your favourite music can boost your motivation and endorphins whilst working out. It also can distract you of all the other people that are working out the gym and make your experience even more enjoyable. Most gyms do provide their own music but if you want something personal and a way to create your own workout zone this is a good solution.

5. Go With A Friend Or Family Member

Going The Gym When You Suffer With Anxiety - 4 girls together on bikes supporting each other

Having anxiety can be difficult to do things on our own. Having someone we know with us when we do something new can ease the worry and can make us feel a little better. For many people, they have gym buddies to help keep themselves motivated and even to help compare and contrast on how they are progressing in comparison to their friend. It can help many people stay motivated and most importantly, help reduce the anxiety one might have about going to the gym.

6. Use Equipment You Are Comfortable With First

Most of us are familiar with how to use exercise bikes, treadmills, and cross-trainers. If these are the machines you are most comfortable with then head straight for them whilst you get used to the gym. Once you have mastered certain moves then move onto new equipment and try pushing yourself to the next level of strength and cardio training.

Personal Trainer

7. Get A Personal Trainer

Once you understand the different movements and most of the equipment sometimes it is good to get a personal trainer ( if you can afford it ) this way they can really harness the time you spend at the gym and ensure you are getting the most from your workouts.

8. Realise Everyone Just Wants To Get Fit

Last but not least, it is important to remember everyone at the gym is there to get fit and healthy. You get a very small amount that are there to pose or possibly chat with their friends but most are there for the right reasons. Going The Gym When You Suffer From Anxiety need not be a problem with the other gym-goers. You have no reason to worry about others looking at you or judging you as they are too busy thinking about their latest routine than who the latest person to join is.

Going The Gym When You Suffer From Anxiety Needn’t Be Difficult

I hope these 8 tips really help you to start your journey into the gym and help get yourself endorphin release the natural way. Do you have any tips to help those with anxiety start to go to the gym? Please comment below.

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