The pain that comes with being depressed, anxious or just constant negative feelings can be debilitating and freeze you in place in fear of moving forward as you may have to face the pain you have faced day after day but it is in precisely this time of facing your fears and feeling the pain and using it drive you that you will actually begin to heal and change your life around.


You may have noticed the BoM logo is a helmet with wings . This is logo was inspired by the film gladiator, and the famous helmet because a helmet protects your head where your mind resides.

Also, when the founder of BoM was struggling mentally and was quite suicidal I would repeatdely watch this motivational video to push myself to do things I really didn’t want to do anymore, it helped me to face the worst feelings I have ever felt and motivated me to complete a project I was undertaking.

I had pain in my heart as though I had been stabbed and I knew when I was in the environment that caused this it would feel worse but I had to find the inner strength to do it as I wasn’t going to let the feelings and fears overcome me particularly when it was due to the fact someone else had made me feel that way.

Finding our own inner gladiators ( but also with kindness and compassion as a weapon) is important and the words behind this video is hugely inspirational.

Please take just 5 minutes of your time to watch it and hopefully you too will find the inspiration and strength I felt to complete something extremely difficult,

Put on your armour and helmet, protect your mind and arm yourself with the power to overcome your adversity and those trying to keep you down.

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