When we fail, we feel like giving up. The pain that comes with failure is terrible and if you fail again…and again…and again the pain just grows and you feel like you will never succeed. In this video, we discuss famous people who never let anyone tell them they had failed and kept trying their hardest to succeed.
You’ll be amazed at the people listed in this video, it is incredible to think so many people have failed, those that we look at as amazing and incredible personalities through time and history have met great adversity before they met their ultimate success.

We have to try to succeed in all aspects of our life, we can overcome adversity no matter the odds, it is human nature to be able to beat anything put in front of us, the only difference is how a person reacts to the challenge.

If you need help finding the courage to keep moving forward please seek help from a medical professional but in the meantime realise, you are in good company with famous people that have failed before they became what they dreamed of being. Never give up.


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