The effect of cruel words on the mental welfare of people can be so painful and debilitating to the sufferer not only for the moment in time they feel hurt but the effect of words and mockery continues to effect them as they progress through life.

I hope to discuss this subject matter in more detail and techniques on how to deal with these painful memories in the future but for the time being an excellent artistic representation by Weaponofchoice depicts the hurtful statements as physical scars which perfectly represents the lasting damage words can have on people that are mistreated.

To see more of these images please  visit the hurtwords website .



the effect of cruel words and hurtful actions

the effect of cruel words and hurtful actions

The effect of cruel words

Cruel words, name calling and bad treatment really can have long lasting damaging effects on peoples emotional and mental well being and can lead to other illnesses such as depression, anxiety or even worse forms such as anorexia.

We are all creatures of emotion that all just want to be accepted for our flaws as well as our good points so next time you think of judging someone, no matter who they are just double think how difficult their journey may have been.

You could be the person that helps make that person feel better if you start showing some kindness rather than any bitter, negative or judgemental actions.

Please also take the time to follow their facebook page. How do you find ways to cope with cruel words and people beating your self esteem down?

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