How often do we hear bad news on the television or read about someone selling drugs, prostituting themselves or taking part in some other illegal activity and we judge them as ‘bad’. More often than not there is a reason that led to these people doing what they did and trying to understand their situation and knowing the whole story can give more empathy for a person who had lost all hope after he had made some bad choices out of desperation or despair. In this blog we share a video that will help you realize that not every criminal is a bad person but also that no matter the bad decisions you may have made in your past there is always someone willing to help you get yourself back, never give up on yourself.

This man sold drugs out of desperation

After being punished for his bad decisions he found it hard to find anyone who would give him a chance, even in the most basic of jobs, until finally someone gave him a chance to turn his life around. This opportunity helped him let go of his past and gave him purpose.

“When you give somebody a job you give them a second chance at life”

By a company giving him a chance at going on the straight road he began to see life differently and felt so much gratitude for the little he did have in his life.

No matter your past, you can still change

Everyone deserves a second chance and that includes YOU. No matter what your past choices have given you it is still possible to turn your life around.

I know how it feels to have no hope of a better future, when you can’t ever see things improving but, it can. My circumstance was different than the man in this video, in my experience it was a vast educational debt with no jobs in my hometown for what I was qualified to do and a unsupportive relationship that led to my depression but I decided enough was enough and applied for jobs anywhere in the country, it was time to make a serious move.

How to find hope?

Whatever is causing you your depression you can still fight back against it. Identify the main problem and start working out strategies to change things.

Define what you want.

If it is a job, what skills do you need? Is it possible to get that job in your city once you have the skills? Are you prepared to relocate.

Be wise with time.

Do you need to widen your net of where you can work? Do you need to move away? Then….Apply apply apply. Don’t give up, even when knock backs occur, eventually a door will open.

Or maybe your depression is due to wanting a relationship so how do you get one? Go on dating sites, meet for coffee and see how things go. Or is it due to a relationship you are  currently in? Is it making you feel extremely low? It may be possible that you both are unhappy and if that is the case , although it’s hard, maybe its time to move in with a family member or a friend until you manage to find a flat to get yourself on your own independence again.

You MUST understand that to get yourself out of depression YOU must do the work and YOU must really want things to change otherwise it simply won’t happen by just taking anti-depressants. It takes work and time but you too can turn your life around. Just like the man in the video shared above you too can transform your life’s fortunes around with some effort and determination.

How do you feel about giving people a second chance? How about giving yourself a second chance? What would make your life better in your eyes? Please comment below

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