The Heart Seat of The Soul

The Heart Seat Of The Soul is run by David Cotgrave, an energy psychology practitioner based on the Wirral. His practice offers dreamworks, Kinseiology, and EFT. David didn't haven't a website when approaching us and was a little apprehensive about the technology and what it meant to have a website. Realising this, we put together a plan of how we could help and it all started with the leaflet design for an event he created before we helped establish his first website.

How We Helped : -

  • Designed flyers for talks in and around Liverpool.
  • Developed a new responsive website.
  • Helped to establish a modern brand identity.
“Working with Seek A Therapy Design was easy. They took my ideas and helped me to establish my business identity online. I am now also able to be found on Google. They Took the time to train me on how to create my own articles for my site and are also on hand to help design and create printwork when required. The quality of print was excellent. I couldnt’ Recommend them any more!”David Cotgrave


Help build an identity around energy psychology and dreamwork.
Develop the current brand further using appropriate and consistent branding.
Designing & printing high-quality flyers for talks about dreamwork.
Helping to establish an online presence through a brand new website.
Training on how to create articles and blogs for his new website.

Helping To Improve The Brand Identity

The Heat Seat Of The Soul owner, when they approached us, didn’t really have a brand image as such. They had a logo but not really anything else that portrayed their work. With a deep emphasis on dreamwork, anima and animus we worked closely to help portrary the brand story of the Heart Seat Of The Soul. We decided upon using dark blues, whites, small touches of yellow and the original pink. The decision was also taken to use space and the universe as the main theme of the brand due to the mystical nature of the stars and also, when most of us tend to be in the dream state.

Flyer Design

Once we had established a theme for The Heart Seat Of The Soul we were then asked to develop some leaflets. With the stars theme in mind, we created several flyers for talks about the work that they undertake. We selected appropriate fonts and colours to give a warm and welcoming feel whilst maintaining a professinoal brand image. We also printed the flters for the owner of which, was printed to a very high level, using one sided gloss 450gsm A5 leaflets.

First Steps Into The Digital World

David was a bit apprehensive about getting a website at first but after a while, realised there was a great benefit in having one. We helped bring The Heart Seat Of The Soul brand identity together following a similar style to what the leaflet was designed in. Once we had built the website we spent time with David training him on how to use his site and how to add new articles to it. We also helped David get his business listed on Google so that when people search for energy psychology in his area his website would be one of the first to be displayed.

Modern Website

therapy websites

Once David had overcome his nerves about getting a new website he was really happy with the look and feel of it.

We helped guide him towards what kind of content he should write for each page, stating the importance of how it could help someone who may be searching for his type of therapy and built upon his established brand identity with further inclusion of colours, fonts and branding message.

If you would like to establish your own website or redesign an existing one, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist.

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