Simone Stephen Counselling

Simone Stephen is a counsellor and hypnotherapist based in the South of the UK. She approached Seek A Therapy to help build her a professional web presence. With no previous website, we guided her through the process. Simone offers counselling, hypnotherapy, and reiki to both adults and children.

We helped Simone to : -

Designing and developing a new modern web presence.
Create a simple but professional logo for Simone Stephen Counselling & Hypnotherapy.
Establish an online brand.
Provide training and instructions on how to use her new website.

Simone Stephen Counselling & Hypnotherapy


  • Design a bespoke website design to be signed off for approval.
  • Build and develop the new website and ensure it is responsive on all devices.
  • Provide a professional email address with hosting for both website and email.
  • Design a simple logo.
  • To establish the practice’s first website and submit it to the three major search engines for indexing.
  • Add simple SEO tags to enhance searchability.
  • Provide Training where and when required.

New Website Identity

Due to the nature of Simone's business we felt it would be best to make her the center of her brand. When people search for therapy it is important they can see the person they will be working with. This is why we chose to display a warm and welcoming portrait of her on her homepage as you land on the site. After further speaking with Simone to acquire her brief we felt it was also important to clearly identify that she works with both adults and children. The two sectors meant clear and intuitive navigation was vital due to the nature of the business.

Responsive Website

As standard, we ensure all our websites our responsive and work on multiple devices thus enhancing the user experience. A responsive website is vital for users as more and more people search websites using their mobile phone or tablets. The easier it is to navigate and read the website then the more confidence potential clients will have in selecting you as their chosen therapist.

Simple Blocked Content & Easy Navigation

When navigating the site we wanted to create an enjoyable experience that allowed users to quickly and easily navigate to their specific therapy. We decided upon a blocked content style to help the user easily navigate through the various pages. Large soothing imagery with specific therapies mentioned in between. Creating a balance between usability and professional design.

The Complete Design

therapy websites

Simone Stephen's website delivered on the objectives set out on the initial brief. A brand new website with a digital identity. Simple and responsive navigation to easily navigate to specific information with ease.

Simone has been with us now for over three years and we couldn’t be happier that she was one of our first customers, she has been a pleasure to work with.

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