Holistic Therapy Liverpool

Holistic Therapy Liverpool is an established holistic therapy practice based in Woolton, Liverpool. The practice offers reiki, reflexology, Indian head massage, and various other holistic treatments., to allow her clients to reflect, rewind, and relax. Christine approached us to help her build a brand, website, and various graphic design elements after running a self build templated site she realised she needed the help of a professional.

We Helped Holistic Therapy Liverpool To : -

  • Developing a logo.
  • Designing a bespoke and high quality business card.
  • Designing and printing Chakra cards.
  • Helping to establish brand guidelines.
  • Designing & developing a new modern website design.
  • Established online payments for vouchers and therapy.
  • Designing a branded voucher for clients.
Holistic Therapy Liverpool
“Working with Seek A Therapy has been such a simple and enjoyable, worthwhile experience. Since they updated all my branding I have seen a 50% increase in inquiries and have also offered me the capability to offer vouchers and other holistic products online. I couldn’t recommend Seek A Therapy Design enough!” Holistic Therapy Liverpool Owner


  • Improve the brand image of the practice.
  • Develop appropriate and consistent branding.
  • Develop brand guidelines to help with brand consistency.
  • To build an improved online presence that represents the quality and care of the practice.
  • Designing & developing a new modern website design.
  • Established online payments for vouchers and therapy.
  • Designing a branded voucher for clients.

Logo Design

Holistic Therapy Liverpool's main therapy that they provide is Reiki. Christine is a reiki master and thus, something relating to the chakras felt an important part of this logo design. We decided to choose the top chakra, the crown, due to the nature of the practice. When a reiki practitioner is practising reiki it is believed that energy comes in through this chakra, at the top of the head, in order to provide healing to the client. The colour associated with this chakra is purple or white and thus became the brand colour scheme for the business.

Bespoke Business Card

Once Holistic Therapy Liverpool had finalised her logo we moved onto the business card. We didn't want to just have a simple business card, we wanted something that would stand out. This is why we decided upon using good quality card with what is known as spot-UV. Spot-uv makes parts of the business card shine and so the shine was placed over the logo so when someone receives the card it adds extra professionalism to the business.

Chakra Cards

Christine, sometime later, returned to use with a bespoke graphic design project. She wanted us to create a special set of cards called chakra alignment cards, something to sell on her website and various stores around the web. Each card would represent one chakra with the ability to provide some help in releasing blockages in some chakras. We used a similar printing style to her business card in order to maintain the brand of the company.

Evolving Website Design

therapy websites

Holistic Therapy Liverpool goes from strength to strength each year we work with them. We initially were involved with the redesign of her website from a basic template to a more sophisticated one. We also helped her establish her logo identity and branding scheme but this wasn't where it ended.

Christine has now added e-commerce features to her website where clients can purchase vouchers and the chakra cards she developed earlier in the year.

Since working with us Christine has seen an increase in client inquiries and she feels it is in part down to good branding and the update to her website. We wish Holistic Therapy Liverpool the most success and hope to see what is next for Holistic Therapy Liverpool.

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