Seek A Therapy Design offers affordable marketing services specifically designed for therapists. With a keen desire to provide professional design services to you in order to make a positive impact for you and your clients.

John Wilson
Founder Of Seek A Therapy

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After gaining over a decades experience in digital marketing as a web and graphic designer for various design agencies in London & Liverpool, I’ve had a burning desire, and calling, to put my skills and passion at the service of those who improve the lives of others.

I aim to serve therapists of ALL backgrounds and specialties. This way, we are able to provide an opportunity for people to find a therapy that works best for them.

Seek A Therapy began as a directory in 2016, since then, over 1000 therapists from around the world have registered. I have become so in awe by the many different specialists out there willing to help those in need. Seek A Therapy Directory was set up to help people find them. Seek A Therapy Design was set up to aid all healers, of all types. To improve their digital exposure and their web presence as affordably as possible.

With family members who both work in the therapy business, a mother who is a reiki master, and a sister who is a mindfulness teacher for children, I saw a need. The need for affordable websites that don’t break the bank, particularly when starting out on the journey.

I feel entirely blessed to already have connected with over 1000 healers around the globe via the Directory and hope to continue to do so. Having worked as a web and graphic designer for over ten years in London and Liverpool I now want to use my experience to help you. My way of trying to make the world a little better for all of us.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find some benefit to Seek A Therapy!

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