Although this speech is from ‘the great dictatorship’ Imagine if this was one of our political leaders today. A politician who really genuinely speaks from his heart and not just making decisions to make money or maintain power but in trying to make the world a better place than it can be.

I think we all know that our governments have maken mistakes, they are only human. We all know quite clearly the Iraq war was never needed, Saddam Hussein had no Nuclear Weapons and it is more than likely they invaded that country to maintain control over oil resources and improve their power capability…unfortunately…it could be said that it is likely that this invasion was the starting point in allowing ISIS to grow as the unrest began to grow in the region since this war. It is what it is now, we cannot change it so now, we need to deal with the aftermath of a bad political decision.


I am , and I am sure you are , still reeling from the cruelty of Saturday’s attack on innocent people in France but I think at times like this we need to be lifted and remember what really matters most to each and every one of us. To live as good people and to help one another, to live with love, tenderness and forgiveness in our hearts towards each and every person we meet.

We can’t let  hate, vengeance or jealousy take over that is inside a minority of lost souls dictate to us or change the way we think about others.I have been to three continents and I can confidently say most people are good by nature.

There is much plight in the world right now, millions of displaced refugees, growing economic inequality, environmental problems, increase in mental health problems and unhappiness in many but I believe if each of us try to improve ourselves physically and mentally and live with kindness and gentleness towards all we meet (as well as our ourselves) and defend those who cannot be defended or need help in growing stronger to live a happy life we can make this world a better place for everyone living in it.

Hope you have a great Sunday!


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