HoBlogging has been around for quite a while now. Short writings from a day in the life, or something of interest, of a particular person or business. You may think of something like Star Trek and ‘captains log’. At the end of each episode, Captain Kirk would discuss his day’s activity, the things he had encountered, and aliens he had made contact with. We each go through our own daily journeys, even if it is just getting out of bed and having a shower, that can be an epic journey when you are severely depressed. But the fact you pushed yourself through your thoughts and feelings is an adventure in itself. In this blog post, we discuss why you should think about blogging during this time, how to get started and how to get involved with the community, and how can blogging helps with your mental health.

Why Should I Start Blogging?

Can blogging help with your mental health

Blogging is a creative process. It is taking your thoughts and feelings and turning them into ‘things’. From writings, poetry, muses, sketches, audio, or whatever it is you feel expresses your experience clearly. By blogging you are taking a thought that may be causing you to bother and removing it from your mind and onto a screen. The act of writing down what you are feeling or experiencing can be therapeutic to you as you de-clutter and empty your mind.

The next part of blogging that can also feel of great benefit is when others can relate to your story. Those that read your blogs, comment on your posts or even share it with their community. Knowing you might be making a positive impact on others is one of the greatest therapeutic experiences most people can have. One fundamental reason that I believe everyone, both the challenged and the not so, can and would benefit from blogging.

Of course, you must be aware that there are people that just like to upset people and will comment negatively occasionally but the best way to deal with those people is to ignore them. People that feel they want to hurt someone else do so because of negative emotions and they want attention so ignoring them is the best way forward.

Overcoming Being Afraid Of Blogging

Now I know you may be scared of what others think. It is one of the main things to overcome. A natural human reaction to want to be accepted. What will people think if I put this out or, what if someone I know finds this online, what will they think of me? Will I shame myself? Will I make a fool of myself? This is a common reaction to most new things ( anyone who is ever tried to learn to draw has always said ‘I can’t do it ). We have a tendency to tell ourselves we can’t to protect ourselves from hurt, but if we stop that negative self-doubt we CAN do it and we CAN make a positive contribution to others.

How Do I Get Started Blogging?

There are several completely free ways to start blogging. Firstly, you can use free blogging platforms and here are a few for you to look at : –

tumblr.com – a blogging platform to start your blog

wordpress.org – world’s most favourite blogging platform to start your blog

blogger.com – an alternative blogging platform to start your blog

Each one of these websites will allow you to blog for FREE about any topic you want. Alternatively, if you want to feel protected as you start to express yourself. To not feel at risk from seeing negative comments to your posts, then there are several websites that offer the opportunity to guess blog for free. (including this website! We want people to share their story and how they are finding hope and therapy that is working for them). There are also other charities like time to talk that also offer the opportunity to share a story with their community.

How To Get Involved In The Blogging Community

Next, to really benefit from blogging and get people reading your blogs people need to know it exists. So there are several things you can do to build your blogging community that I recommend.

Build your social following by following others with similar thoughts and interests on Twitter and Facebook.

Comment on other people’s blogs with a link back to your own blogs.

Build A Gravatar account (very simple ) and this will include details of who you are and your url to the blog.

Why Everyone Should Start Blogging? Can Blogging Help With Your Mental Health?

Everyone should start blogging for many reasons. First and foremost, it can improve your mental health. Secondly, I believe everyone should blog because it can help connect you to like minds with similar beliefs and interests. It can help others who may be further down their own journey than you currently are. Also, knowing that you are positively impacting others also provides you with some therapeutic benefit. Lastly, it can help you make an offline acquaintances. Since the founder of Seek A Therapy started blogging properly he has made contact with many therapists and people on their journey. From London to Vancouver in Canada, sharing their professional advice and others who share their journey to help others.

So to conclude, can blogging help with your mental health? Blogging is a fantastic tool to help you rationalise and put things into perspective. It has the power to clear your mind and connect you with others and even help them too. Three things that make life that bit more worthwhile :). If you would like to blog please contact us on the guest blog page.

Do you have a blog already? Can blogging help with your mental health? Have you noticed an improvement since writing? Please share the URL in the comment box below, we welcome bloggers from around the world.

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  1. Annie Omar

    Everything I have read here was in my mind. It is a great feeling to read which is very similar to what you were thinking. Well put John this post need to spread around because it really can bring a person in light from dark and we can only see in light x!

    1. John Wilson Listing Owner

      Thank you Annie :). Glad you enjoyed the post, there are so many ways we can benefit our own health on our own if we can’t get ourselves to a professional for whatever reason and writing is just one of the many strategies that exist. Hope you are doing good! John