Coronavirus has become quite an unusual and challenging time for so many of us. Lockdown has thrown our lives, routines, and hobbies out the window. No longer are we able to go to work, the shops, the gym or even restaurants, clubs and cinemas. We have to self-isolate and now, things that we would have built routines around have gone out the window. In this article, we discuss how you can build a new routine. We have also developed a lifestyle awareness worksheet for you to download and print out to help you build a routine.

Build A New Routine By Starting The Grieving Process

build a new routine during coronavirus

With a breaking of routine, what feels like freedom being taken away and normal life disturbed the first thing we need to do is grieve. Grief takes on lots of different emotions for different people. You may feel sad, you may find yourself crying or feeling hopeless. Others can feel angry, alone, or looking for reasons this may have happened. Attempting to rationalize such drastic life changes.

All these emotions are fine, nothing is wrong here! Whatever you are feeling, that is ok. Many of us, for the first month, have found the changes to our lives difficult.

Take this time to rest, take stock of what is happening. Meditate, use our list of apps to help you learn how to. Excercise, or start to, even without going to a gym! And also sleep. Emotions and excessive thoughts are tiring mentally, take rest, and sleep to help recharge.

Once you have mourned the loss of normal life ( for now ) and accepted the new lifestyle to protect others, you will begin to feel at peace and ready for stage 2. Reflect, plan, and set goals.

Build A New Routine By Reflecting, Planning & Setting A Goal Plan

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

~ John C.Maxwell

Reflecting, after grieving, is helpful to let you consider what you have lost and what you want for the future. Reflection is something many of us are doing right now. Where we truly happy in all aspects of our lives before lockdown happened? Many will probably say they weren’t for one reason or another, there is something they’d like to change.

Take Time And Set Goals

This is the perfect opportunity to take your time and set goals.

To begin, download and print out our free worksheet, or take a notepad and write down a list of up to 3 things you would like to improve in your life.

Next, write another list of 10 ten healthy habits you are aware you need to do consistently for an improved lifestyle.

Below is an example of three major life goal changes and 10 daily healthy life habits we are choosing to undertake.

Major life goals

  1. Learn a new skill.
  2. Maintain fitness levels of an adequate level.
  3. Grow Seek A Therapy and advance its facilities.

Healthy Lifestyle Goals

  1. Leave my bedroom blind open so when the sun rises, I rise.
  2. Shower on waking up and then meditate.
  3. Get dressed, don’t wear PJ’s, it’ll make you feel lazy. Dress as though you are ready to go out to for the day.
  4. Use the early morning to write new blogs, create new social media posts, and build new arms to help more people on Seek A Therapy.
  5. Go for at least a 4-mile walk EVERY morning.
  6. Ensure I maintain a healthy diet during the lockdown and be conscious of not overeating.
  7. Avoid watching the news, there are experts dealing with this crisis, they’ll fix this. Don’t fill your mind with constant negativity.
  8. Avoid conspiracy theories on social media. Again, positivity only.
  9. Share kindness with everyone, and avoid the need to share negativity or gossip in real life or on social media.
  10. Avoid excessive alcohol or junk food consumption.

Download the free daily lifestyle awareness worksheet to start setting your own goals.

Why Create A Daily Lifestyle Worksheet To Help Build A New Routine?

build a new routine

By writing down your thoughts and goals for your life during Coronavirus, you are setting an intention. It also helps you build these goals into daily habits.

By placing your worksheet next to your bed and ticking it off as you go, it can help you build a new routine. It can help you maintain a stronger sense of order amongst what can feel chaotic. It can be a big part of maintaining good mental health when things are challenging. We, as humans are creatures of habit and comfort. So many of us hate change. When any of our life comforts is challenged, this is when our mental and emotional health can be at risk.

Having a routine, if followed through at least 20 days in a row, can become a habit and help you through this challenging period. We hope you find the worksheet below helpful in planning your own days ahead and make it a part of your new lifestyle moving forward during the lockdown and after.

Take care of yourself ~ John, founder of Seek A Therapy.

Download The Free Daily Worksheet To Help You Build Your New Routine During Coronavirus Lockdown.


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