Breathe, a tool to help calm anxiety was created by the founder of Seek A Therapy ( previously called Battle of Mind ) after experiencing first hand anxiety attacks. He learnt how to control his feelings and thoughts with the use of correct breathing methods. In this blog post he shares videos he created with the aim of helping others learn how to relax through deep and slow breathing. Whilst also visualising a peaceful place. Please leave feedback so I can improve the designs for you in upcoming meditations.

Breathe spoken guided breathing video

In this video the founder speaks, guiding you to breath correctly and calm down your feelings of anxiety. It is a three minute video but long enough to experience the effect of slow conscious breathing.

Breathe numbered guided breathing video

In the second video (but the first created) he uses the sound of breathing in and out , inhaling after 5 seconds and exhaling for the same amount of time, holding at the base for a split second. Repeating this process in sequences of equal measure is important to bring equilibrium back to your thought patterns. After some feedback from users they found more guidance was needed as the numbers made it too precise as when to breathe or not to. What are your thoughts?

Breathe with no guide

This final video is just the music and the clouds. The aim is to be for those who just want to relax and already know how to deep breath. Instead, choosing to use the visuals to help with their own meditation.

Help calm anxiety through correct breathing to ease anxiety

help calm anxiety with meditation

To understand more about how regulating your breath can help calm your anxiety please see this article : – The importance of the breathe in keeping your mind calm.

I hope you enjoyed these few videos, it but I would appreciate feedback so I can help make them better videos for you, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. Letitia

    This is great, thanks. I have major depression and also get panic attacks. I have recently started with Neurofeedback training that focuses on the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which controls emotions and impulses. The training teaches your brain to increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the correct parts of the brain. Since I started the training, I have discovered that I stop my breathing for short periods when I try to concentrate. Interestingly, I also have sleep apnea. This shows just how important a simple thing, such as breathing, is for our general wellbeing. I would love to know if there are other people with sleep apnea who also struggle with depression and/or panic attacks. I can honestly recommend l Neurofeedback training to assist with oxygen-rich blood flow.

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    […] This ability to drift off to somewhere else can, for some, help in lifting the negative thoughts from your mind and allow you to declutter restless thinking. If you feel that your thoughts are still racing you may like to try paying more attention to your breath as breathing can help regulate brainwaves and decrease negative thoughts, read this blog post about breathing for more information. […]