Not getting what you want can be a wonderful stroke of luck

One of the most famous quotes but also one of the most frustrating because it is only when you look back at where you came from you realise that maybe that thing really wasn’t right for you and instead your life become something that is more fulfilling. In this blog we explore a video about dreams, follwing them and also why being depressed can be a blessing towards your dream.

Three ‘failed’ dreams

In my experience I dreamed of being architect only to graduate as an architect in 2008 , the worst economic recession in history and so no part 1 jobs available..I then tried teaching because it felt like a ‘safe’ job in times of economic uncertainty only to find that job totally destroy my mental health, my self esteem, my finances and almost…my life, but if those dreams, both of which I was highly capable of doing, hadn’t all failed, I would not have felt the hardship as hard as I did and I would not now be trying to create a tool to help others.

When you have nothing this can be the best stroke of luck!

When you have nothing, it is hard to pick yourself up at first but then something hits you. Having nothing can be a wonderful stroke of luck! When you have no safety net, no backup, no house to loose, no car, no comfort zone this is the perfect time to take risks and experiment! If I had got a job straight away, doing what I was qualified to do I would not have discovered my passion for web and graphic design and my life long desire to help people. I put the two together and made this website! Daily, I still grow it, knowing I don’t have much but I am driven by the belief we can make a positive difference and I believe

Believe in yourself and your dream

Daily, I try to grow BoM, knowing I don’t have much in terms of material wealth, but I am driven by the belief I should spend time attempting to make a positive difference to others so Battle of Mind can be a useful resource for generations in the future and maybe help in giving some a better mental and physical health guidance than is currently available across the world, not just the western world.

This is my dream…I have combined my passions of art, IT, my desire to help others and my many years of difficult experiences into a positive, you can do the same.

What is your dream???

Think of it and then watch this video (30 mins), believeĀ it and feel it can become true …because it can.

If you need help building your dream or trying to reach for it look for a life coach and they can help you build a better life and give you motivation to achieve those ambitions.

I hope you enjoy the video, I found it incredibly inspiring. What are your thoughts? Please comment below.

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