Be Kind We Are All Fighting A Hard Battle. The simple act of being kind and generous to all we meet can have a fantastic and positive effect. It is such a powerful act to be selfless and tends to have a knock on effect with the person you helped. That person you helped will also feel they want to help someone after the way they feel. Selfless acts have positive effects on society but also, can help improve the mental health of all of us. Watch this short conceptual and moving video for a better understanding of how it can help ( please share it with your friends and colleagues ).

In life we all have struggles. Very few people know that some of us are facing difficult life challenges unless we decide to speak out.

It tends to be the ones who look strong or are always telling jokes. Those ones that help others up when they are down. What is going on behind the scenes in their subconscious is unknown because they stay strong for everyone else often sacrificing their own well-being.

If we could be less fearful of being judged for being kind to others we could lighten each of our loads. Worrying what the person you help may think we can become more open to helping others.

Helping others is shown not only to benefit the person you help but helps us also to feel good.

Sometimes people don’t want help. Accept their decision without hurt. Then carry on living life with a smile on your face and a heart of gold.

Take just 2 minutes to watch this video and see how being kind can have a knock on effect with everyone. Its a great video, please share the message.

Be kind we are all fighting a hard battle

be kind we are all fighting a hard battle

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  1. sp

    If I saw this man I would give him a hug and take him for a cup of tea somewhere. Maybe I should carry a sign like this… then I wouldn’t be alone