In life we all have struggles but not everyone knows that we are facing a difficult challenge until we decide to speak out about it.

It tends to be the ones who look strong or are always telling jokes, those ones that help others up when they are down but what is going on behind the scenes in their subconscious is unknown because they stay strong for everyone else sacrificing their own well-being.

If we could be less fearful of being judged for being kind to others, worrying what they may think and trying to take people for who they are maybe the world can appear better for us ALL.

Helping others not only benefits the person you help but helps us to feel good too. Sometimes people don’t want help, accept their decision without hurt and carry on living life with a smile on your face and a heart of gold. Take just 2 minutes to watch this video and see if more of us can put it into practice.

Be kind we are all fighting a hard battle

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