The founder of the website is John A Wilson, a part 1 architect, tutor, artist, web/graphic designer, inspired to create this website as a person who after completing an MA in tutoring whilst suffering severe depression in silence for many years became clinically at risk of suicide. After several years of suffering depression, he had a breakdown that led to feelings of severe anxiety where he received little help from his GP other than antidepressants and a few hours CBT. Due to this, once he was able, he explored other therapies, mostly from alternative backgrounds rather than traditional psychiatric routes of counselling (although counselling was tried but it didn’t suit his needs). It is not that these therapies do no have their place as it is without question they do help many people but it is clear that not every traditional therapy works for everyone in the same way and so a directory of ALL forms of therapy from traditional counselling to alternative therapies such as psychic readings, reiki and EFT allows users of Find Your Therapy the ability to make their own informed decisions to attempt to find therapies that help them the best.


The initial idea for Seek A Therapy started as a blog called ( now no longer live) back in March 2015, was to speak out about mental health from a man’s perspective in blog form, something that is still very taboo in modern society across the globe. Men still rarely speak about their mental health difficulties and due to this put them at very high risk of suicide. It is believed that suicide is the biggest killer of middle-aged men than any other illness and this was something that concerned the founder of Battle of Mind greatly after he had made great progress in his healing. As the blog continued to grow he noticed a lot of women start to read the blog and posts on social media and so rather than simply being a place for men to find strategies for coping with life’s challenges but now a tool to help all people regardless of race, religion or sex.

For many, the only hope of finding a cure to mental discomfort is through GPs and hoping to be referred to mental health specialists but unfortunately, not everyone get’s the help they need, particularly in times of austerity and lose hope as they don’t know where else to look.


As a directory that is very visual and uses Google API, we are able to match therapists to people in their area quickly and efficiently giving anyone in need a lot more options than just a GP and a psychiatrist which helps anyone find the holistic treatment they require.

Therapists that join Seek a Therapy pay a very small subscription fee allowing them to expand their reach without breaking their marketing budget and the ability to submit their own articles to the blog as part of this subscription.


Sometimes, when trying to heal from depression, anxiety or other difficult experiences it can feel like we are out of control waiting for decisions from our GPs or having a therapy that doesn’t seem to work well. By using Seek a Therapy it allows you to maintain control of the therapy you choose to try and not have to wait for others to make decisions about your healing journey.

Our ultimate goal is to offer an inexpensive but state of the art directory for therapists and an intuitive website for users and visitors of the website.

John A Wilson
Founder of Battle of Mind | Seek a Therapy