A GoPro inside a fairing from a recent Falcon 9 flight captured some spectacular views as it fell back to Earth. This footage is played in real-time. By viewing this video and considering the idea of distancing, it can help us to develop a new perspective on life.

A New Perspective On Life

Something that is always striking from flying to a new destination is the smallness of each of us on this planet. As your plane takes off and you look down on the earth and look at the vista out of your glazed window. You see the cars go from small to very small, so small that they look like toy cars. The trees begin to look like broccoli. As you fly above the clouds, the trees disappear and look as though you have only pillows below. It’s a whole new world!

view from the plane helps to develop a new perspective on lfie

From this perspective its a whole new world!

Watch this small video and relax. Realise that if we are so small that we can’t even see houses from outer space, how small are our problems we see as being so large in our lives?? Your problem may not be as big as you thought all along :). It is moments when you can quantify the size of everything that can help ease tension within our minds.

Take A Step Back And Develop A New Perspective

Not all of us are able to find the time or the money to fly. There are other ways to achieve the same effect. Taking a trek up a large hill or mountain in your locality can be just as effective. Once on top of the hill just take in the views and look at the size of everything. Housing looking like dolls houses, cars looking like dinky cars. People hardly even noticeable. There is a sense of peace that can be gained by finding places to take new perspectives like this.

If you are still struggling to find a new perspective then seek the help of a therapist. Different types of therapists can help you gain new perspectives like this. They can give you different strategies and techniques to develop this new way of thinking. We provide you with thousands of therapists around the world, simply type in your postcode and therapists within your locality will return on a map local to you.

I hope you are able to find inspiration from this video. Or the motivation to find a therapist that is most suited to you. Best of luck!

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