Gossip isnt just idle chit chat, it can be quite hurtful and affect peoples mental wellbeing and health. The damage that others can do by spreading rumours and talking about people behind their back can be detrimental to the wellbeing of the victim in question. In this blog post we discuss effective ways to protect yourself from people that gossip and belittle others.

To stop letting gossip from bothering you remember, people that gossip are using their undeveloped brain

stop letting gossip from bothering you by remembering its a simple part of the brain that gossips. A man pulling a silly face

Gossip was a primeval survival skill from the undeveloped and uncivilised brain when it was important that you stayed and worked together in order to survive but also to identify who should become pack leader…just like a gorilla would do in its own environment, the human race is just the same!

Considering this, if a person is a constant gossip or there are people judging you negatively just imagine them as an ape and realise they are using their monkey brain rather than their educated mind and it will soon help you realise you already have one step over them because they are acting like an ape!

A developed brain loves to learn, share and create

An educated and great mind thinks of things to improve lives of others, ideas and spend time creating things, there is no time to waste time gossiping about others if you are busy being creative. There is a famous saying from Eleanor Roosevelt that she quite rightly said : –

“great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”

So next time you feel that people are being cruel to you or gossiping about you keep this quote in your mind and choose to discuss ideas, those other people…they have got ‘small minds‘. 😉

Gossipers talk about others as it makes themselves feel good about their own small insignificant lives

stop letting gossip from bothering you, don't give attention to it. A girl looking at peace with 2 gossip girls behind

This is the reality. Many many people who love to gossip feel bad about their lives. Fact. Why talk about someone else? It is likely because it detracts all the attention they feel is bad about themselves onto someone else and then they choose to laugh which gives a boost to their mind releasing happy hormones into the brain disregarding the emotions of the other person.

People that talk about others are usually insecure and have a lot of their own issues and this is important to remember whenever someone tries to insult you. They can’t hurt or insult you if you remember that person probably has much bigger issues than you actually have.

 What you pay attention to creates your reality

stop letting gossip from bothering you and focus on what matters

Whatever we pay attention to becomes our reality. Becoming conscious of this is important as when you realise if you ignore grumpy faces, you ignore sniggering and mocking and you focus on positive things in life such as your hobby, your friend, a family member, your pet, whatever it is that keeps you going in life you will notice the gossip bothers you less.

Next time you think someone is gossiping about you simply choose to ignore them , don’t look at them, imagine they don’t exist it is simply just a voice of negativity in your head and then walk on and get on with your day…it is quite an effective way of dealing with gossipers because more often than not they want attention to make themselves feel good or look like ‘a big gorilla’ because they are pointing out someone else’s fault ( if there is a fault at all).

 Use your imagination to stop letting gossip from bothering you

Art Therapy can help you stop letting gossip from bothering you

Our minds are truly powerful. Each and every one of us HAS the power to create our reality. Remember as a child we used to play and act out as different characters. Maybe the superheroes we saw on television, superman/girl/ fighting our invisible arch enemies. Creating dens and hideouts to protect our friends from the foes? Well i am telling you to become childish again!

Next time someone gossips about you use that imagination you possess. Instead of seeing and feeling the pain of an insult imagine the person throwing the insult as a gorilla. Wow, a gorilla that can talk, impressive! As you use your imagination and continue to do so your sad feelings will soon begin to dissipate.

5 ways to stop letting gossip from bothering you

  1. Remember gossipers are using undeveloped parts of the brain and those who don’t gossip are more intelligent.
  2. Spend your time on things worthwhile like creating and learning. Don’t bother yourself getting upset or thinking about what someone said. Let it go, it will be wasted energy, realise that.
  3. Remember gossipers usually have more issues than you do, why are they talking about you? Do they have their own baggage they are unable to deal with? Gossipers have more issues than you.
  4. Ignore people that are gossiping or insulting, give them no attention, not even eye contact, it is the most effective way to make whatever they say or do insignificant.
  5. Last but not least next time someone is insulting or gossiping about you just imagine them as a gorilla! Then laugh. You are the bigger man/woman!

How do you deal with gossip ? Can you share by commenting below?


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