Coronavirus is affecting all of our wellbeings. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your status is, it is making us all have to reflect on ourselves and what we love about life. It is bringing some difficult questions to the surface for many of us and also helping many of us make important changes if only to learn to relax more. In this article, we share ten tips on how you can look after your wellbeing during coronavirus lockdown. Tips that can be used after this historic period of time is over for a better life.

1. Take Rest & Spend Time Doing Things You Enjoy

Gaming helps deprssion

It sounds simple right, take time out to just enjoy life and catch up on much-needed rest. So many of us are always on the go that we often don’t feel we have the time to do so. Many of us will have hobbies that we always wanted to find the time to do. For me, the founder of Seek A Therapy, I always enjoyed art and also wanted to learn the basics of CBT. So I am using this time to get back into my art and also begin my journey into learning CBT. So I can be of more assistance to others but also, develop skills that I can also use to help myself and those I love.

2. Do Not Judge Others

how to stop caring what other people think of you video. 2 girls gossiping about another girl

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, we are all having to reflect on ourselves which can be challenging to many of us. This will bring raw emotion to the surface of many. This emotion will then reflect on how we believe life should be lived and when those people don’t abide or fit our beliefs we tend to judge.

This judgment only causes anger between the person you are judging and yourself. It does neither of you any good.

It is important to keep in mind that each of us has unique beliefs, life experiences, and perspectives. If we come to understand and accept this we can find our own inner peace. We ALL need to live life the way that is best for us. Rather than trying to force our beliefs onto others, it can make OUR lives easier and more relaxed.

3. Stay In Touch With Loved Ones To Look After Your Wellbeing During Coronavirusphone loved ones To Look After Your Wellbeing During Coronavirus


Although we are dealing with our own mini-crisis, we mustn’t forget those we care about. Staying in touch doesn’t have to be a phone call, there are so many ways to stay in touch.

You could send a message through WhatsApp or text message. Possibly write an email, a bit like a modern-day pen pal. You could write a message on someone’s social media wall. Even arrange a video call via many tools such as Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Video.

However you do it, make an effort to send a message to your loved one, even when they don’t message you. It may be that they are struggling with their own inner monologue and daily life, even as much as you. We are all feeling a little vulnerable right now.

Be the bigger person and send the first message. Kindness is king in difficult circumstances.

4. Make Sure To Go Out For Excercise Daily

walk away

Make sure to get at least 1 hour of exercise daily, even if it is only a walk. The benefits of exercise for our mental health has always been well known. Here we wrote a blog about the benefits of exercise and in this one, ways to exercise without having to go to a gym. This will be one of the greatest tools in your ability to maintain a well-balanced level of wellbeing.

5. Learn Something New To Look After Your Wellbeing During Coronavirus

Learning Guitar

Imagine having an extra 2 hours EVERY day because you aren’t commuting? What could you do with that extra 10 hours a week? Could you spend it learning a new skill? Something you have either always wanted to learn or something that could help you advance your career post lockdown?

Learning something new is so beneficial to look after your wellbeing during coronavirus. Doing so, lets us work towards a common goal. All of us are goal orientated. Whatever it is we do in life there is usually a goal or endpoint we are aiming for, for many of us, it was going to work pre-lockdown. Now is a time to set a really positive goal.

There are several websites you can use to advance your skills or knowledge and here are a few : –

Center Of Excellence


Linkedin Learning

But there are many many more and we will share a list in the near future with you.

6. Meditate

Start meditating. A picture of stones piled up

Meditation helps with anxiety, unwanted levels of negative thoughts, and also depression. It can help bring more clarity and wellbeing during the coronavirus lockdown. In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of meditating and also shared several apps that can help you with beginning your meditation journey.

There are many benefits to regular meditating and these include increased levels of happiness, more focus, helps reduce feelings of overwhelm. Personal growth and awareness can improve. Improves creativity but there are more! Check out the link above in our previous post to discover what they may be!

7. Watch Movies That Uplift, Make You Laugh & Inspire

Something we all have access to is A LOT of movies and series right now. The power of movie to evoke emotion and make us feel good as well as entertain is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by us here at Seek A Therapy. Here we shared 10 of our favourite scenes from some movies that have helped with our mood and changed the way we think during challenging times. Here we also share ten Movies that may help you overcome challenges you are currently facing.

Now is the time to spend some of your free time catching up on films you wanted to watch for a long time!

8. Create Routines To Look After Your Wellbeing During Coronavirus

Running Man Building A Routine During Coronavirus

Not so long ago, we wrote an article on how important it is to have a routine when your usual one has broken. We even created a printable worksheet to help you have a daily routine so you can organize your days. We hope you find it useful.

Having a routine is important to keep your emotional and mental wellbeing in check. Without a routine, we can feel a little lost and feel each day blending into one. To avoid this, we recommend setting daily goals and sticking to routines. Things like getting up early or at the same time, going for walks at the same time of day. Planning food and a certain amount of time working all can help.

9. Create A Dream / Vision Board

Create a vision board to help you through the Coronavirus lockdown

What is a vision board? A vision board is a collage of things that you would like to achieve in your life. Something that helps you stay focused on using your time effectively in order to bring these dreams into reality. You can discover more about these vision boards here on this article. 

This can be a great tool to help improve your mental health because you are focusing on things that you would like to experience in life once lockdown is over and also, distracting from the current crisis.

It is believed, in the law of attraction, by focusing our attention on what we truly want we are more likely to bring it into our realities. To discover more about the law of attraction and see if it is a tool that may help you cope with the situation please visit our store where we are sharing an amazon link to the secret DVD and book.

10. Are You Still Feeling Bad? Get ONLINE Therapy

Find a local therapist that you can review

If you still feel like your mental health is not good and you are not coping well it is advisable to seek therapy. If you need some advice about which therapy to try, you can maybe speak to one of your local mental health charities. (List of mental health charities globally.) Discover what therapies are in our therapy archive. Or search for a local therapist in our database simply by entering your post or zip code.

How To Look After Your Wellbeing During Coronavirus

We hope you are coping well during the lockdown but please remember, this ISNT going to be forever.

Things will improve and possibly be better than ever!

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