You may not realise but many successful people are often victims of bullying or ridicule at a  young age and sometimes, into adulthood. People that get bullied tend to stand out from others for having different interests, a unique look or be special in some way. They then become easy targets for those who prefer to blend in and “be part of the in crowd” due to they being different but often in a positive way. In this article we share 10 celebrities that were bullied, the affects bullying can have and positive tips to use your bullying experience in a positive way.

In this article we explore how bullying feels for those who are experience it. How it can have detrimental effects on people’s lives and their mental health. We also look at how once you get over the painful emotions, a bullied person can transform themselves.  When going through the experience it is hard to see there can be good from going through it. There is the capability to take the experience and make it provide motivation and power to change your life. Something none of the bullies will have thought possible for you.

Celebrities That Were Bullied Use One Word To Describe School And Bullying?

Experiencing bullying, whether at school or at the workplace, is hard. In this short video the general public and some celebrities that were bullied discuss what it was like to be bullied using just one word.

When someone actively goes out their way to put others down, make them feel small or be the butt of jokes to make others laugh it hurts. Being an emotional punch bag can be very hard and it should NEVER be tolerated.

Some bullying has had such a bad effect on some people that they decide to take the drastic action of taking their own lives.

Bullies don’t always know how badly they affect the people they insult. They just see it as fun or ‘banter’. In this video it includes famous stars such as the diversity dance leader. They explain what being bullied felt like to them in one word. (See second video)

Using Bullying Experiences As A Motivation Like Many Celebrities That Were Bullied Did

There are two ways we can choose to react to an experience of bullying or negative people. One is to go within ourselves, listen to the comments, believe them, go into our shell and avoid them in future. Often this can be one cause of social anxiety, the avoidance of social situations so isn’t usually recommended although can be useful at first.

This isn’t always a wrong decision to make, at first, it can be to protect yourself. Sometimes taking time out from the situation causing you stress is just as important as tackling the problem. Long term avoidance of a problem can get comfortable and thus you stop growing and become fearful.

It is always important to challenge yourself into situations you don’t particularly like or are worried about. If you feel you need support in gaining confidence in tackling uncomfortable social situations a CBT specialist can help. They can guide you towards thinking differently about things and consciously change negative thoughts into positive ones. An NLP, neuro linguistic programmer, can also help you in understanding how we think.

Attempt to maintain positive outlooks and stop letting negative people affect you. We at Seek A Therapy, are big advocates of hypnotherapy. The therapy can help you revisit lived experiences that are often forgotten about and also learnt behaviours. By doing this you can finally change your current situation from past experiences that are holding you back.

Spartan Mindset, The Undefeatable ‘Peaceful Warrior

celebrities that were bullied had a spartan mindset. A picture of a spartan warrior with a sunset.

The second option is to listen to the comments, feel the emotional pain, take it and turn it into a fire within you. Use it to decide to prove your haters wrong. I see this as almost gaining a spartan like mindset. The odds are stacked against you, you must confront your fears, your own self-doubt, the degrading comments. Become ‘undefeatable’ no matter what you face in life. This does not mean you must physically go across and fight people who put you down (please don’t do this!). Instead, you must have the mind of a strong person, who has self-control but with the strength within that can not be hurt by the effect of others.

Strong of mind but peaceful and kind of heart.

A great spiritual film that talks about this very thing of defying the odds and critics is ‘the peaceful warrior’. Check it out for motivation or see this article for more information about the inspirational true story movie.

The Word Is Impossible…’I’m-possible’

My final recommendation for those who are, or have experienced bullying is to keep believe in yourself’! No one else will believe in you other than yourself. It is hard to understand, and very difficult to comprehend but there is only one person who can change your life. That person looks at you every day in the mirror. To really change your life and defy what your bullies have said to you or made you feel, you must start to stop believing it is ‘impossible’ and instead your dreams are possible. You must build the attitude no one else will believe in me more than myself.

Work on your skills and what you are passionate about. Don’t let any bully tell you that you are not worthy. You are the only you here on the planet and we all need you to shine your brightest version of yourself that you can!

The Founder Of Seek A Therapy Was Once Badly Bullied At School And In His 20s

Many celebrities that were bullied experienced it in school. A picture of a classroom with a blackboard

The founder of Seek A Therapy was bullied in school for growing facial hair before anyone else. He also had severe acne to the point of needing to take tablets to control them, to only heal from the difficult experience and have a great college experience.

Later, in his mid-20s he experienced workplace bullying when he tried teacher training.

He had two mentors in a secondary school that liked to play mind games. They were highly unprofessional and destroyed a lot of his self confidence. Their behaviour, combined with graduating from architecture in 2008 took its toll on John. With no jobs in my hometown alongside his student financial situation and other external influences, led to a severe breakdown. He was clinically at risk of suicide and deep depression.

The Seek A Therapy founder experienced this at school when training as a teacher. Due to his difficulties he learnt not to tolerate being put down or insulted by anyone. When he felt he was being devalued or mocked for his skills, talents or on a personal level he began to put those people in their place.

He wasn’t angry and he didn’t swear at them. Instead he remained calm, used humour and tried to speak from a non-confrontational point of view. Being assertive and not accepting insults or disrespect from anyone is important for your wellbeing. Regardless of their position or status, look after your wellbeing first.

This is an important aspect that we believe, to take from a bullying experience. To respect yourself enough to not tolerate hurtful insults and confront the perpetrators calmly and assertively.

In conclusion, How To Use Your Bullying Experiences Like Celebrities That Were Bullied

Each of us are born unique. Those of us that have special talents or interests, just like the celebrities that were bullied, tend to stand out more than those who don’t. People who like to be part of a crowd and be accepted is more important to them.  It is important you retain your difference. Don’t let the fact you are different let your light diminish or be hidden from shining in the world.

Here is our list of points that we believe you should take forward with you. Use your bullying experience in a positive way : –

  1. Challenge negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones (CBT Therapy or mindfulness is useful to help get you started)
  2. Understand how the brain and language you use can affect your reaction to situations (NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming)
  3. Gain a Spartan mindset. Undefeatable, noble, strong of mind, kind and light of heart.
  4. Learn to laugh at bad comments because you know they aren’t true.
  5. Believe in yourself, you are the only person who has the power to change your life.
  6. Respect yourself always. Never tolerate cruel comments.
  7. Remember bullying experiences create an inextinguishable fire within your heart. It can keep you motivated to prove the negative people wrong.

These are 7 points I recommend, do you have your own strategies? Do you have your own ideas on how bullying experiences can end up being positive?

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